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Leaky Suit Brigade Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate Leaky Suit Brigade being a year old, I will be doing another figure give-away! I will give away a MINT 1983 Silver Pads Grand Slam GI Joe figure if I get at least 55 more likes on Facebook! In addition, you can follow the blog and/or follow me on twitter to get in on the action! So spread the word about the blog and hit the like button! Anyone who has already liked the page is also included in the drawing!


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IDW GI Joe #196 and GI Joe #10 Previews!



G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #196


Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a & c)


THE ROAD TO #200 CONTINUES! As the COBRA connection in the turmoil in Sierra Gordo deepens, G.I. JOE begins to unravel the true nature of the situation… but what do the Blue Ninjas have to do with the insurgent rebels? The plot thickens and the action kicks off in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #196!




G.I. Joe #10


Fred Van Lente (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Jamal Igle, Kurth (c)


THREAT MATRIX CONCLUDES! It’s DUKE versus MAD MONK for all the marbles! ‘Nuff said! (Wait. Wrong company.)



Prototype Week Here At the Leaky Suit Brigade!

Well guys, I’ve decided that I will post a picture of a new prototype that I acquired everyday this week! I have recently gotten very lucky and I have bee able to pick up quite a few prototypes and test shots. To kick things off, I will reveal my favorite pick up: a 1982 Grand Slam prototype! It is in great shape (minus the missing leg) with tight joints and no paint. The most interesting thing about this figure is that I actually bought it from a seller in England, so it actually might be a prototype from Palitoy. Does anyone out there know if Palitoy made a Grand Slam figure? Or could this be something even cooler like the famous mystery figure that is now known as Bombardier? 



I will be searching eBay for a cheap Grand Slam or Flash leg (since it is the same tooling) to place on the figure, so I can display it standing up. I will continue to post some cool prototype figures and an interesting mock up art piece this week, so check back everyday for something new!

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Interesting eBay Auctions – Marvel GI Joe Comic Production Art!!!

Well since I have acquired one of these pieces I will fill better talking about them on the blog. Over the last month, a seller on eBay has been listing Marvel GI Joe comic production art! The pieces are all transparency overlays (one of the comic cover and the other is the word balloons) that were used in the printing process of the comic. The seller had quite the collection of early production art, including issues 1 (sold for $610), 6, 7, 8, 8 – page 1 and #9. I snagged #9 last week for $70. Enjoy the art!


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Well last night was Halloween and hours before kids came banging on my door, my wife picked me up a GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow costume! SO I put that on and then I hoped that a kid would recognize that I was more than just a ninja. I was surprised (though the fact that I was surprised is probably bad) that several kids knew who I was, and those were the kids who didn’t even wear another GI Joe costume! I kept track of all the Joe costumes that past my door and the final count was 4 Snake Eyes, one kid and I had an epic sword fight, and 1 other Storm Shadow! It was cool to see that GI Joe was not completely dead with young kids. I think this year’s movie helped with that. The costume that I saw the most of though was Spiderman. 


Possible Upcoming GI Joe Product?!?! New GI Joe Kreo and Zombies???

All the credit for this belongs to the Fighting118th. On Hasbro’s Customer Service site, they found SEVERAL listings for new/potential GI Joe product! While I want to jump on the hype train big time, we should take things slow. Lets take a look at the different screen shots.

First up the potential Kreo product:



There are listings for: Outpost Defender, Firebat Attack, Figure Waves 3 and 4 (if I am reading that correctly), Figure Packs, Outpost Defense, a TERROR DROME, and the Wolverine vs Firebat. 

That is quite a list. Notice I omitted the “Serpent Snake Armor” as a set with a very similar name has already been released, but this could possibly be something different as well. The big thing that sticks out is the Terror Drome! It would be amazing to get that in Kreo form! I want to believe in the veracity of this list because of the Wolverine vs. Firebat listing that we have already seen in a TRU computer screen grab. But who knows….

The other 3 screen shots:



Highlights from this list include: VAMP MK II, Ultimate Gift Set, Vehicle Collection Air, ZOMBIE Apocalypse, Vehicle Collection Land, Vehicle Collection Sea, and Desert SPec Ops Team!

This could lead to a VERY promising 50th Anniversary! But for the moment, it is all unconfirmed speculation. We will probably be forced to wait until Toy Fair in February for any of this to be confirmed or dismissed. 


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New GI Joes, Comics and More!

Well guys I have been busy buying all kinds of stuff lately, so I will have a lot of great new, unique and rarely seen content coming up. In addition, I am going to start putting pictures of  my entire collection online. It will be a mammoth undertaking and something that will be work in progress for awhile. As a start, I have edited the “My Collection” page and formatted into different picture galleries. The First one up is a small portion of my Funskool GI Joe figure and vehicle collection. More will be added this weekend.

First up for some hard to find items that many have probably never even heard of are GI Joe comics from Egypt and India! There were 4 GI Joe comics produced in Egypt in Arabic. Pictured below are 3 of the 4. These are vary rare and I know of only one other person that has them (but this being GI Joe, I am sure there are others out there with them).


The next two pictures are of GI Joe #1 and #2 produced in English, in India by Funskool (who also produced the GI Joe toys in India). The Covers of these are in a lot rougher shape but the inner pages are white with bright colors. I believe there was only 1 other GI Joe comic produced in India.


In upcoming posts I will also share other rare international versions of GI Joe comics, so if you enjoy seeing all the different places that GI Joe was produced, keep coming back for more.

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GI Joe Con Dates and Location Announced!

Well it’s becoming time to start anticipating next year’a Cons and what looks to be my first-ever in-person attendance at Joe Con.

Anyway, here is what the Club had to say:
“Hello everyone!

GI Joe’s 50th Birthday will be celebrated April 10-13 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.

You can make your hotel reservations now by going to GIJoeCon.com. The room rate is $142 and they will require a one night’s deposit with your reservation. Don’t wait until the rooms are all gone!

This will be a grand celebration of the world’s first action figure! More details will be available in the coming weeks at GIJoeCon.com. Soon we will start posting the convention set details and we hope to have registration up by Thanksgiving (we are currently in the middle of a total re-write of the registration system to serve you better).

See you in Dallas!



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IDW GI Joe #9 Preview!

G.I. Joe #9

Fred Van Lente (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Jamal Igle, Kurth (c)

THREAT MATRIX! Below the streets and above the high rises of the New York City, the G.I. Joe team is strained to the brink fighting back THE MAD MONK’s all-out assault on the Big Apple! But… is that playing right into his hands to ultimately destroy DUKE?