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IDW Cobra Files #1 Review and Thoughts

 I enjoyed it. Since I jumped on to IDW late I’ve only read Vol 1 of Cobra, I still need 3 or 4 issues of Vol 2. I saw that because it seemed like this was much more of a continuation of the storyline than a reboot. I do like how Costa used the shrink in the beginning to explain some of what has been happening. Only thing I was confused about and wanted a little more info on was Tomax. But I’ll get that reading Vol 2. A secret base in a casino was a cool idea. 

I was excited to see Copperhead and then initially surprised he died so fast , but that is what Costa does and I like that. Only thing I wish was for that scene to really be tense. Either Costa and Fuso didn’t communicate the flinch of the worst that made Chameleon kill him was some movement to attack or she has a quick trigger finger from PTSD. Either way, I thought if you were gonna shoot him before you get any info out of him then it should have been a bigger threat. 

I also liked the ominous foreshadowing about Flint’s future health with Chameleon hooking up with him and her saying everyone she has been with is dead. Almost a subconscious violent move toward him. Seeing Billy was another surprise and I’m excited to see where thay leads. Oh and Tomax is becoming quite that character in Cobra Files. What do you guys think?