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Just Scored That Interesting eBay Auction!!!!


So earlier today I mentioned a secret interesting auction I found on eBay. I kept it close to the vest because this is the first time in about 3 years that I have seen this item for sale!  I scored the rare Funskool Lifelife yellow shirt/grey boots variant MOC! I have been checking eBay almost every day for this item. This figure has been high up on my target list for a long time because it is in the Tiger Force theme, one of my favorite sub-teams. I also picked up a MOC Funskool Eel from the same seller. I like the powder blue that this figure comes in. Can’t wait to see this in person! I also still have one more secret auction that I am waiting to pounce on, although it is more of a gamble.


6 thoughts on “Just Scored That Interesting eBay Auction!!!!

  1. Awesome and congrats! I need to add more Tiger Force figures and such to my collection. All I have is a original TF Dusty and a 25th TF Flint.

  2. Are these guys pretty much the same quality wise?

  3. Sometimes it varies from figure to figure….

  4. I have a few 80’s Joes but i’m so paranoid about placing weapons in there hands for fear of creating a stress mark or even breakage.I love em’ ta death but they can be so fragile.

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