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Found the Jurassic Park Figures at TRU!


So with the news that the JP figures were hitting retail in SoCal, I hit my local TRU on my lunch break and came away with a great haul! I picked up both JP figures, 5 Wave 2 figures, and a Skystriker! I really hope that the JP line includes the awe strikers as well as the other prototype figures that we have seen. I’m glad I waited on the prototypes.




8 thoughts on “Found the Jurassic Park Figures at TRU!

  1. Awesome! And can I ask the price on the Jurassic Joes?

    • Yeah, they are kinda pricey at $29.99. But considering people were paying much more than that (300+) for some of these less than a week ago, I’m fine with $30. Plus I also understand that I’m not just buying the figure, but an articulated dino as well. I think it is worth it.

  2. Does the dinosaurs are made of hard plastic, or are there any parts made of soft plastic or rubber?

  3. Ok cool let me know if you get a extra archer because that would be awesome.

  4. I know the Archer is actually named Ash Skullstriker, What’s the Jungle Burnout’s name? Thanks for sharing the pics!

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