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Yahoo Spring Movie Poll


There is a Yahoo.com spring movie poll going on right now asking people which spring movie they are excited for the most. Only 2 movies have more than 10% of the vote GI Joe Retaliation and Oz the Great and Powerful. GI Joe comes in at #2 with 23% of the vote (20,765 at the time I voted) and Oz is first at 29% (26,223). I think that is really good news for the Joe Movie. I went last night and saw Oz, I have to admit, it was pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Spring Movie Poll

  1. Good news for John Chu.BTW-That Kill Count widget on the side there,are those Joes who die in the comic?If so did Windmill go in his trademark bright green jacket?That figures color scheme was one of the worst when it came to Joe pilots.

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