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My Funskool Rock N Roll


So I have talked about this before, but there is an update to the story. When I bought the figure, the seller could only find 2 of the accessories, but he said he would continue to look for the other pieces. Well, he contacted me again saying he found 2 more accessories! He found the green “sonic” backpack and the green stand for the big gun. Sadly I don’t have the big gun but I might just place an ARAH version on it to replace it. I also put sonic in quotes because the backpack is not sonic at all. It seems that for the Funskool version they retooled the backpack, eliminating the sound part and replacing the rubber buttons with hard plastic painted yellow, in what seems like an attempt to mimic buttons. The Funskool version also eliminated the red lights that were at the top of the backpack, leaving 2 empty holes. It just got delievered so it is a little dirty, but take a look at the backpack and a reposted pic of the figure!



3 thoughts on “My Funskool Rock N Roll

  1. Cool figure regardless if it’s “Sonic” or not.

    • Oh definitely! I was just surprised at the changes from the US line to the Funskool line. A lot of those changes are interesting. Its one of the reasons why I like the international stuff so much.

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