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First-ever Images of Super Rare Funskool Mobat!


On Hisstank, curtsy of vatsalsharma posted the first known pictures of the Funskool Mobat. Apparently he says that they are out there, and not as mythical as some of us think, but he lives in India, so he has better access than us. Apparently he sold at least one to a buyer in Singapore. Here are the pictures:


6 thoughts on “First-ever Images of Super Rare Funskool Mobat!

  1. Sweet! I had a U.S. released one years and years ago.

  2. There is now a 2nd known loose Funkool Mobat, which has vinyl stickers unlike this one’s paper stickers. Just worked out a deal for it, so I should be getting it soon. It was packaged with General hawk(86 mold) for a driver

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