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IDW GI Joe #2 Review!

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This is a little late, I intend to get these out the day after the comics get released. First off, I LOVE the fist four pages of this book! The narrative from the Baroness is awesome! Seeing Darklon, the convention IGs, Firefly, Croc Master (not a continuity error, he did NOT die in Cobra), and Baroness/Worms was great. I may even have a special surprise related to that coming up, hint hint. Kurth did an amazing job on the art in this issue! I really enjoyed the fighting sequences, especially Cover Girl. I also liked that Hash Tag already got the team in trouble my tweeting their location and then saved the day by killing the Mayor. The “Springfield” aspect of taking over a town was cool and an idea that I have always enjoyed (along with Renegades portrayal of Cobra as a multi-national corporation). The story is progressing nicely, my only complaint is that it is too short!

It still is not too late to jump on and start reading as IDW is only two issues in. I definitely recommend it. Image

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