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MOC Major Bludd and MOC Plastirama Destro!

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Both of these pieces will be arriving in the mail this week! First up is a MOC 1983 Major Bludd. The bubble has some lifting on the right side however, it is still attached and was an absolute steal at $37! I’ll take a little imperfection if it means I get it MOC and save several hundred bucks in the process. 

Second, I grabbed a MOC Plastirama (Argentinian) Destro! The card is in GREAT shape for something from Argentina and as a bonus, it is unpunched! It is a much cheaper and easier buy then the US release Destro which runs $200-500 depending on condition. 


One thought on “MOC Major Bludd and MOC Plastirama Destro!

  1. Awesome additions to your collection congrats.

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