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FSS 2.0 First Shipment Has Arrived!!!


Well I will not be posting spoilers (at least until next week) so I will keep this short for now. I received my 2 figure shipment today in the mail! If you have subscribed, look for FSS 2.0 in your mailboxes soon!


4 thoughts on “FSS 2.0 First Shipment Has Arrived!!!

  1. I’m very annoyed that one of the figures was not sealed well enough and his bubble was not attached to his card. I had this same problem with one figure from the last batch.

    • My arrived ok. One card isnt quite in mint condition but nothing that will bug me much. I think I remember that if you contact the Club about the figure not being sealed/attached to the card they will provide you with a replacement. If it bothers you I would contact them about it.

  2. Cool can’t wait to see what is in the box.

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