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Prototype Week – Day 2!

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For the second day of prototype week, and probably the next couple days, I will be revealing a test shot from the 90’s! Today’s figure is the 1993 Battle Corps Outback (either version 3 or 4 hard to tell since it is just a repaint variant) figure! It comes in a sealed bag with weapons on the tree. I really like all the different colors of plastic on this one. In addition to the figure being a prototype the weapons are colored in a neonish green while the weapons the retail version came with were red. Even the missile launcher has green plastic compared to the red retail version.

1993 BattleCorps Outback

1993 BattleCorps Outback


In addition to this figure, as a bonus, I thought I would highlight a very overpriced auction for a MOC prototype 1993 Outback. This one is a mock up of the retail coloration of Outback V3 with prototype pink colored weapons. It can be yours for the low low price of $8,500.00. I put in an offer of $100 and was rejected. Oh well, can’t have everything :/

Outback Mock Up

Outback Mock Up

One thought on “Prototype Week – Day 2!

  1. Who knew pink plastic could be so pricey! lol.

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