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Prototype Week – Day 3!

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Instead of another test shot today, I wanted to show you guys that is actually not a GI Joe product, but I think it is related. Today’s reveal is a Hasbro Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog sample box print.

Flying Fighters Logo

Flying Fighters Logo

As a background on the Flying Fighters, I will borrow from YoJoe: “In the early 1990’s, Hasbro produced a line of realistic fighter jets and helicopters called “Flying Fighters.” These jets and copters had removable joysticks with electronics inside. Buttons on the joystick produced sound effects of machine guns or missiles. Moving the joystick in different directions produced different soaring sounds. Thus, when attached to their respective vehicles, the jets and copters came alive. Typically, the vehicles of this line were undersized compared to their G.I. Joe counterparts. However, the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter “1-101st Aviation Regiment” was close enough that Hasbro repainted it and released it as the AH-74 Desert Apache in 1992.”

I also think that either GI Joe or the Flying Fighters also borrowed from one or another for the Ghoststriker X-16 as they seem to share very similar tooling. But I may be wrong. As a little bit more information, I was unable to find any A-10 Warthog that was actually produced. So this seems to be package art for an unproduced vehicle (I could be wrong though). For some further speculation, I think, and the reason that I picked this piece up, is because it would have shared tooling with the Cobra Rattler. Anyways, enough talk, enjoy the art!

Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog Box Sample Print

Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog Box Sample Print

One thought on “Prototype Week – Day 3!

  1. I have never seen these before very interesting.

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