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Dave Dorman Announces New Mini Art Book

Dave Dorman

Dear Friends,
I am doing a follow-up to my GI Joe art book AMERICAN HERO. I had a lot of positive reaction and plenty of fans asking if I was going to do another volume. I have a lot more art from my years working with Hasbro designing the GI Joe toys, and with the demand, I have decided to produce another book.
For those who missed the first volume, this book features artwork I produced for Hasbro’s GI Joe toy figure line. The art featured the characters painted as if they existed in real life. The art was for presentation only, in-house at Hasbro and not intended for reproduction. For most of this art, this is the first time it’s been seen by the public outside the Hasbro offices. 

American Hero: Book 2 American Hero: Book 2

The specs of the book will be the same as the first volume of American…

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EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek At IDW Limited’s GI Joe Complete Edition Vol. 3

Here is an exclusive teaser sketch done by Hama for IDW Limited’s GI Joe Complete Edition Volume 3. The Blue and Black Label Editions are scheduled to go on pre-order next week! The Black Label will include a sketch from Hama and the Blue Label will include a sketch by Hama with colors from an IDW inker! Can’t wait to pick up my copy!


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SNAKE EYES (Hot Toys) (2013)

Great review of the Hot Toys Snake Eyes! This is definitely making it very tempting to buy one for myself!

mike's collection

Joe-Hot Toys SE full2G. I. JOE : RETALIATION

Well Christmas has come and gone.  I’ve already begun packing up the decorations and putting gifts in their place.  After a solid week of frantic shopping and hanging out with family I’m finally able to kick back, relax, and review some action figures.  Did I get any new action figures for Christmas?  Yes I did, some awesome ones at that.  I’ll be honest and tell you that the majority of toys that were waiting for me under the tree were purchased by myself for myself.  All of my December purchases went under the tree including my latest shipment of Joe Club FSS figures and the latest offerings from Matty collector.  Even though I knew what was in those boxes it was still pretty exciting to tear into them on Christmas morning.  However, nothing can beat the thrill of opening up a present (that you just…

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New Joes!

Hey guys,

sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been very busy at work. Writing a brief for a case and the record is 180 THOUSAND pages , so a lot of late nights reading this thing. Anyway, back to the Joe stuff!

I picked several MOC/MIB Tiger Force items! First up is a UK Action Force MIB Tiger Paw. I also snagged a MOC TF Tunnel Rat and Sneak Peek from Europe! The packaging is not in English so they are the UK release (but they are identical). 


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IDW GI Joe #5 Preview!

GI Joe #5
HOMEFRONT reaches its explosive conclusion-and we do mean explosive: If BARONESS can’t hold the city of Warrenton, no one will! And the fate of the entire G.I. JOE team rests in the hands of its newest — and most inexperienced- member, HASHTAG. What will she decide?

Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Cobra character YOU’VE been clamoring for since he first appeared!


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IDW GI Joe ARAH #191 Preview!

GI Joe A Real American Hero #191
G.I. JOE goes to the jungle! LADY JAYE’s team is led into the jungles of southeast Asia for a mission that will pit G.I. JOE against an enemy they thought long gone: MAJOR BLUDD! Will fortune smile on LADY JAYE and her team or will the ruthless mercenary gain the upper hand? It’s kill or be killed in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #191!


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IDW GI Joe Cobra Files #3 Preview!

GI Joe Cobra Files #3
SNAKES AND TIGERS! FLINT’s plan to trap the team’s new, elusive enemy may be crazy enough to work: offering up a target too irresistible to pass up, he thinks they can draw their opponents out. But when things start going south-fast-it’s up to CHAMELEON to salvage the mission. Will she put the team in danger in order finish the job?