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GI Joe Weapon Transport Variants

Hey guys so as I pull back on the amount of purchases this month, I will be posting pictures of interesting items in my collection. First up are the 1985 Weapon Transport and its international variations. This vehicle is often over looked and that has made collecting it and variations of it easy to do. Below are pictures of the US release, the Argentina (Plastirama) release, and the India (Funskool) version. The US vehicle is on the far right of the pictures and is in an olive drab/green color. The light green variant is Funskool, and the dark/bright green is from Argentina. You may also notice that with the Funskool version, the wheels are black while the US and Argentina versions are more grey. They are all pretty affordable at about $15 each plus shipping. In my experience, the Funskool version was a little harder to come across.