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Another JP Figure Picture


Hey guys,

on the bottom of the JP package there is a yellow sticker covering up a picture of another dino and figure. The figure is the red head/eye patch figure that has been seen before. The yellow sticker makes me think it may not be part of the line…. But who knows. I certainly did not expect these things to hit stores already.

Here is the pic:


5 thoughts on “Another JP Figure Picture

  1. Hmmm I wonder way it was covered up?

    • My guess is that the dino and figure will not be released…. I also noticed that next to the name is a box with an ‘x’ and a ‘*’. I do hope that it makes it to stores, I’d like to have it.

  2. I’m less excited about him and more excited about the one revealed by JP Toys (http://yourtoynation.com/2013/03/09/expolsion-of-news-about-jurassic-park-joes/) seen him yet? I slacked on getting stuff up so I put up a link to your site and pointed folks your way! This was a real surprise with these guys.

    • Yeah Ive seen the one with the crazy helmet! id love to have that one as well. Thanks for the plug! The dreadnok guy is named Gunner Gordon. I slacked a bit as well. I meant to post the names and the new reveal as well.

  3. Thanks! I’ve been curious about the name, I’ll update my post with that. I”ve seen some (on the Tank) say that new helmet looks like sigma six Firefly, I can see that.

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